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HCM Excellence Awards - Employee Voice Edition

Excellence in Innovation and Creativity

The Power of Employee Listening in Fostering Innovation and Creativity

Innovation and creativity thrive in environments where employees feel empowered to share ideas and express their creativity. Employee listening is essential for unlocking the full creative potential of your workforce.

About the Category

Excellence in Innovation and Creativity category celebrates organizations that excel in fostering a culture of innovation and creativity. It's an opportunity to showcase your commitment to harnessing the innovative spirit within your organization.

Employee Voice Survey

Utilize our 10-question survey to gather insights on employee perceptions of innovation and creativity within your organization. Purchasing the Employee Voice Survey Kit allows you to deploy the survey within your organization and collect valuable feedback.

Analysis & Comparison

We provide detailed analysis and comparisons against industry standards, helping you refine your strategies for promoting innovation and creativity based on employee feedback.

Unleashing the Potential of Innovation and Creativity

  • Driving Organizational Growth and Competitiveness: Innovation and creativity are essential drivers of organizational growth and competitiveness. By continuously seeking new ideas, solutions, and approaches, organizations stay ahead of the curve, anticipate market trends, and capitalize on emerging opportunities. Innovative organizations disrupt industries, create new markets, and maintain a competitive edge in today's rapidly changing business landscape.

  • Solving Complex Problems and Driving Change: Innovation and creativity enable organizations to tackle complex challenges and drive meaningful change. By fostering a culture of experimentation, risk-taking, and continuous improvement, organizations empower employees to think outside the box, challenge assumptions, and develop innovative solutions to pressing problems. Innovation drives organizational agility, adaptability, and resilience, enabling organizations to thrive in uncertain environments and navigate change effectively.

  • Enhancing Customer Value and Experience: Innovation and creativity are key drivers of customer value and experience. By developing innovative products, services, and experiences that meet or exceed customer expectations, organizations differentiate themselves in the marketplace and build strong customer loyalty and advocacy. Innovation enables organizations to anticipate and address evolving customer needs, preferences, and behaviors, driving customer satisfaction, retention, and long-term business success.

“In successful organizations, the voice of every employee is a valuable asset. Listening to your workforce is not just a practice; it’s a strategic imperative. At Brandon Hall Group, we believe that organizations reaching the pinnacle of success prioritize the voices of their employees. The Employee Voice Edition of the HCM Excellence Awards is our way of celebrating those who understand the power of employee insights.”
Mike Cooke, CEO Brandon Hall Group
Mike Cooke, CEO Brandon Hall Group

Get Started - Purchase the Employee Voice Survey Kit

Harness the creative potential of your workforce with employee insights.  Purchase the Employee Voice Survey Kit for a nominal fee of $895 and lead the way in fostering a culture of innovation.


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