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HCM Excellence Awards - Employee Voice Edition

Excellence in Hybrid Work

Importance of Employee Listening in Hybrid Work Environments 

The rise of hybrid work models necessitates understanding employee preferences and challenges in navigating remote and in-office work. Employee listening is crucial for shaping flexible and effective hybrid work arrangements that cater to diverse needs.

About the Category

The Excellence in Hybrid Work category celebrates organizations that excel in implementing successful hybrid work models. It's an opportunity to showcase your commitment to creating a flexible and balanced work environment.

Employee Voice Survey

Utilize our 10-question survey to gather insights on employee experiences and perceptions of hybrid work within your organization. Purchasing the Employee Voice Survey Kit allows you to deploy the survey within your organization and collect valuable feedback.

Analysis & Comparison

We provide detailed analysis and comparisons against industry standards, helping you optimize your hybrid work strategies based on employee feedback.

The Transformative Effects of Hybrid Work on Your Team

  • Flexibility and Work-Life Balance: Hybrid work models offer employees greater flexibility in managing their work schedules and personal commitments, leading to improved work-life balance. By allowing employees to work remotely part of the time, organizations empower them to better integrate work with their personal lives, reducing stress and enhancing overall well-being. Flexible work arrangements also enable employees to customize their work schedules to accommodate individual preferences and responsibilities, leading to higher job satisfaction and retention.

  • Access to Talent and Diversity: Hybrid work models expand access to talent by removing geographical barriers and enabling organizations to recruit and retain top talent from diverse locations. By offering remote work options, organizations can tap into a broader talent pool, including individuals with unique skills, experiences, and perspectives. Embracing hybrid work promotes diversity and inclusion within the workforce, driving innovation, creativity, and collaboration.

  • Business Continuity and Resilience: Hybrid work models enhance organizational resilience by providing flexibility and adaptability in the face of disruptions, such as natural disasters, public health crises, or other unforeseen events. By enabling employees to work remotely, organizations reduce dependency on physical office spaces and infrastructure, mitigating risks associated with potential disruptions to business operations. Hybrid work ensures continuity of business operations, allowing employees to seamlessly transition between remote and in-person work environments as needed.

“In successful organizations, the voice of every employee is a valuable asset. Listening to your workforce is not just a practice; it’s a strategic imperative. At Brandon Hall Group, we believe that organizations reaching the pinnacle of success prioritize the voices of their employees. The Employee Voice Edition of the HCM Excellence Awards is our way of celebrating those who understand the power of employee insights.”
Mike Cooke, CEO Brandon Hall Group
Mike Cooke, CEO Brandon Hall Group

Get Started - Purchase the Employee Voice Survey Kit

Navigate the hybrid work landscape with employee insights. Purchase the Employee Voice Survey Kit for a nominal fee of $895 and lead the way in creating a flexible and balanced work environment.


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