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HCM Excellence Awards - Employee Voice Edition

Excellence in Change Readiness

The Significance of Employee Listening in Preparing for Change 

Change is inevitable, and understanding how employees perceive and adapt to change is essential for successful organizational transitions. Employee listening is the foundation for creating a change-ready culture where individuals embrace and contribute to positive transformations.

About the Category

The Excellence in Change Readiness category recognizes organizations that excel in fostering a culture of adaptability and resilience during periods of change. It's an opportunity to showcase your commitment to cultivating a workforce that welcomes and thrives in evolving environments.

Employee Voice Survey

Leverage our 10-question survey to gather insights on employee perceptions of change readiness within your organization. Purchasing the Employee Voice Survey Kit allows you to deploy the survey within your organization and collect valuable feedback.

Analysis & Comparison

We provide comprehensive analysis and comparisons against industry standards, helping you refine your change management strategies based on employee feedback.

Embracing Change: The Key to Organizational Success

  • Adaptability and Resilience: Being change ready enables organizations to adapt quickly to evolving market dynamics, technological advancements, and competitive pressures. Change-ready organizations anticipate change, embrace uncertainty, and proactively respond to emerging opportunities and challenges. By fostering a culture of adaptability and resilience, organizations build agility and flexibility into their operations, enabling them to navigate change effectively and thrive in turbulent environments.

  • Innovation and Growth: Change readiness fuels innovation and drives organizational growth by encouraging experimentation, creativity, and risk-taking. Change-ready organizations empower employees to challenge the status quo, explore new ideas, and drive continuous improvement. By fostering a culture of innovation and learning, organizations unleash the potential of their workforce, drive breakthrough innovations, and capitalize on emerging market trends and opportunities.

  • Employee Engagement and Trust: Change-ready organizations prioritize communication, transparency, and employee involvement throughout the change process. By involving employees in decision-making, soliciting their feedback, and addressing their concerns, organizations build trust, foster collaboration, and enhance employee engagement. Engaged employees are more likely to embrace change, adapt to new ways of working, and contribute their talents and ideas to achieve organizational goals.

“In successful organizations, the voice of every employee is a valuable asset. Listening to your workforce is not just a practice; it’s a strategic imperative. At Brandon Hall Group, we believe that organizations reaching the pinnacle of success prioritize the voices of their employees. The Employee Voice Edition of the HCM Excellence Awards is our way of celebrating those who understand the power of employee insights.”
Mike Cooke, CEO Brandon Hall Group
Mike Cooke, CEO Brandon Hall Group

Get Started - Purchase the Employee Voice Survey Kit

Cultivate a change-ready culture with employee insights. Purchase the Employee Voice Survey Kit for a nominal fee of $895 and lead the way in navigating successful organizational transitions.


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